Home Inspection

A home inspector’s job is to assess the condition of a house for home-buyers before closing. This means an inspection of a building’s roof, structure and foundation, exterior surfaces, electrical system, heating / cooling, plumbing, insulation, and interior finishes. We like to encourage home-buyers to be present for the inspection whenever possible and to ask questions; it is important to us that buyers understand a given house and how to care for it.

After the on-site inspection, buyers get a report that describes the home’s systems, any limitation encountered during the inspection, and recommendations for improvement. Our reports are designed so that people do not have to have an extensive background in building systems or construction to understand them. They are easy to read and make use of pictures, diagrams, and outside links.

As an added bonus, Virginia Dwelling customers get a free report to see if any major appliances in the home have been recalled.

Simply put, the purpose of a home inspection is to provide as much information about a house as a 3-5 hour inspection allows.

Joe is certified by the Commonwealth of Virginia, and is an ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) Inspector. He also writes and teaches about home inspections whenever possible. Feel free to call or email about any home inspection related questions you might have.