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The Standards of Practice for most home inspectors call for documenting the conditions found during an inspection, but discourage prescribing specific repairs. Repair work is the responsibility of the contractor hired to fix whatever might be broken or run-down. Your home inspection report will tell what kind of service contractor you need to address a given condition.

The following is a resource center for everything from learning about the inspection process to home maintenance. Please note that no priority is given to the contractors listed. The listing is alphabetical. It is always wise to call a number of contractor before deciding on one. If you are a local contractor and would like to be listed in this directory or would like to be removed, please email

Decorative Masonry on the Handley Library.

Learn about home inspection in Virginia

Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation

Virginia Association of Real Estate Inspectors

American Society of Home Inspectors

Learn about Radon Gas

EPA’s Home Buyer’s and Seller’s Guide to Radon

The American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (AARST) & The National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP)


Stacey Plumbing and Backhoe Services: 540.514.1902

Bowman’s Plumbing, Heating A/C, and electrical: 703.435.5512

GLS Plumbing, Inc.: 540.667.5632

Winchester Plumbing & Gas Services, Inc.: 540.662.3020

Great Falls Septic Service, Inc.: 540.545.7075


Russell’s Roofing Co. 540.667.4965

General Contractors

Kee Construction Services: 540.723.0585

Pifer Construction, Inc.: 540.542.1670

Sidney Enterprises LLC: 540.664.4464

Electrical Services

Waterloo Electric Services: 540.539.8735

Blue and Gray Electrical Service: 540.662.5526

Alfieri Electric

Carico Electric LLC: 540.247.8893


Plasters HVAC: 540.888.3390


Ruckman Engineering PLC 540.678.1216

Soil & Structure Consulting, Inc. 703.391.8911

Arborists / Landscaping

Crowell Forestry and Landscaping Services 540.662.9159

Old Town Tree & Landscaping LLC 540.336.5415


Monkey Pools LLC: 540.578.1690

NV Pools 703.926.0328

Floor Sanding

Athey’s Floor Sanding & Finishing 540.667.1855

Handyman Services

A+ Handyman 540.667.5758

James Thomas: 540.550.9106


Builder Fence Company 703.820.0967

Pest Control

Enviro-Tech Pest Services: 540.665.0514

Environmental Pest Control: 540.441.7397

My Pest Pros: 703.665.4455


Elite Painting 540.539.6025

Sal Mangeri: 540.535.5039

Environmental Contractors

Environmental Consulting Group, Inc: 540.550.3444

Winchester Environmental Consultants, Inc: 540.877.9420