Home Review

Serving Winchester & Northern Virginia

A Home Review is exactly what it sounds like, a review of your home’s major systems. Your car has to be inspected yearly, but houses, which are a much greater investment, usually only get inspected when they are bought. Your house doesn’t roll down the highway at 70 mph, but it can pose just as many risks as an unsafe car. Home inspectors find safety hazards all the time, and there is no reason this expertise should be limited to those buying a house.

Home reviews are not home inspections as defined by the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation and the American Society of Home Inspectors. A Home Review is for current homeowners and is designed to uncover safety concerns, assess damage to the house and its mechanical systems, and prioritize repair work. Priority is given to safety first, then comfort, and then aesthetics. Like a home inspection, a Home Review is a limited visual inspection, meaning that no part of the house or its appliances are disassembled. Reporting and consultation take place on-site.

On a regular basis, I find exposed live wiring, roof leaks, and plumbing issues that homeowners never knew existed. Dangerous or damaging conditions can develop for months, even years, before being noticed.

It is important to remember too that a lot of the damage and wear a house sustains will be easier and less expensive to fix the earlier it gets diagnosed and addressed. For instance, a small investment in recaulking around your windows now can save you thousands if it prevents water leaks that damage finishes and framing. An unnoticed piece of siding or soffit that is loose can be the entry point for pests. And mice don’t care if your house is a starter home or a million dollar mansion.

A Home Review is a convenient way to proactively protect your house – as the place where your family lives and as an important investment.

Please call or email Joe about any home review-related questions you might have or to book your inspection.