Interior Design & Planning Your Space

What your home is and what it can be are dramatically different things.

We are proud to offer design services to help uncover the full potential of your living space. Whether you have just bought a new home or have lived in your neighborhood for years, we have the tools to help you customize your home to fit your specific needs and style.

Having trouble showing buyers the possibilities of a house you have on the market? Let us put together some digital mock-ups of high interest spaces such as kitchens and baths to show the potential of these areas.A bad paint job, outdated appliances, and worn hardware make it tough to envision the future of a home.

We are interested in your input and will offer as much or as little design help as you need. So whether it’s choosing a color scheme, reworking existing floor plans, preparing to renovate a specific room, or even nesting in anticipation of a new family member, let us help you get started.


Custom touches turn a house into a home. Even the most elegant house can be dulled by off-the-shelf, mass-produced furnishings. Let creativity enliven your life at home. We can bring existing furniture back to life through reconditioning and light upholstery work, find unique accessories that say something about you and the area in which you live, and assist youin minting a style that can’t be repeated.

Let our design team weed through design and decorating trends to find lasting classics. We’re experts at finding vintage and antique pieces that will add subtlety and depth to your home.