Educational Opportunities

With experience as a classroom teacher, I am able to offer classes and seminars on the various systems at work in a home for either real estate professionals or homeowners. Houses are a collection of many different systems that all work together to keep you safe and comfortable. However, understanding how these systems function and how to care for them can be intimidating, even confusing. The good news is that even a small investment of time learning about systems such as roofing, heating/cooling, and plumbing can pay huge dividends when it comes to assessing damage and wear. In my experience, the sooner a problem can be diagnosed and fixed, the less expensive and extensive the repairs will be.

Popular topics for classes and seminars include, but are not limited to: radon gas, water management, the home inspection process, and energy use. Programs are designed primarily for group settings, but can be tailored for interested home buyers as well. A better understanding of how houses, both modern and historic, function and need to be cared for is equally beneficial for agents and homeowners alike. During the buying process, a basic knowledge of home system can be useful in identifying potential problems and pricey fixes.

Building practices and materials change constantly. At one time houses were built by hand with local materials. Now many structural components are built off site and materials come from around the world. Old industry standards like lead paint or, more recently, polybutylene plumbing are now considered a liability. It is my job as an inspector to keep up with these changes and I am happy to share them with you.

To learn more about educational opportunities please call or email: 804.869.6711 / Advance notice is recommended as each presentation is tailored to meet the needs of the group that requested it. To get a feel for my style and approach, please visit the collection of Virginia Dwelling blog posts.

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