About Us

We’re a husband and wife team who want to share a style-driven and educational perspective on home ownership.

A Brief History

Caroline and Joe quickly realized their common interest in home repair, renovation, and remodeling when they met in 2008, while rebuilding houses damaged by Hurricane Katrina. Caroline is from Richmond and Joe is from Winchester, but both having grown up in old homes and neighborhoods across the Commonwealth, they share a firsthand knowledge of the nuances that make our humble corner of the country so special. With Caroline’s background in design and Joe’s in teaching and inspection, they decided to combine their experience and start a business together.

At Virginia Dwelling, we want to offer a way of thinking about home ownership that is style-driven and educational. We aim to help our clients make the most of their home’s potential: aesthetically, mechanically, and structurally. For most people, a home is the biggest investment they will make. Why not strive to make yours a place of beauty, safety, and security? We want to help you understand the systems in your house and teach you how to make them work more efficiently in both the summer sun and the winter wind. At the same time, we can help you in develop a style template that not only reflects the design and nuance of your surroundings, but is tailored to your individual interest.